Sunday, September 6, 2015

This week in things I did that I thought were a good idea but actually were not Week of August 31 - September 5

1. I wore heels to a show at a venue that had a concrete floor. Why do I keep doing this?
2. I drank a Limearita.
3. I overbooked myself for every day this week, which meant I was late everywhere I needed to be.
4. I started a list on Twitter called 101 Reasons I'm Single. Now I have to finish the list. (You can follow me @panickymuse. You should follow me. Chuck D. does. So I must say some good stuff sometimes).
5. I forgot to fix my toilet handle. This has lead to all sorts of issues that I won't gross you out by explaining them to you.
6. I asked my son to clean the bathroom. Then I ended up re-cleaning the bathroom.
7. I went to a thrift store that only takes cash with no cash. This meant I found 3 dresses I now can't live without.
8. I ate a dozen little powdered sugar donuts at once and now my stomach hurts.
9. I started watching Homeland. And hate it, but can't stop watching it. I often watch things I hate but then keep watching so I can see how they end.