Sunday, August 9, 2015

This week in things I did that I thought were a good idea but actually were not Week of August 3-August 9.

  1. I took a bag of stuff to the thrift and didn’t just drop it off and leave. I mean, one can never have too many black pencil skirts, right?
  2. I bought four salads for my lunch for the last week—didn’t eat any of them.
  3. I painted my nails an hour before I went to bed.
  4. I took my goddaughter to see Tomorrowland not realizing it was 2 and half hours long.
  5. I washed my car before checking the weather last night.
  6. I also watered my plants.

It stormed all night long….

What things did you do this week that turned out to be a bad idea? I can’t be alone here—or can I?