Sunday, August 30, 2015

This week in things I did that I thought were a good idea but actually were not Week of August 24-August 30

1. I went to Target. Target is usually such a pleasant place, but the last few times I've been there its been a nightmare money sucking beast.

2. I took a 10 year to the zoo who had only slept for 6 hours before I picked her up. My Goddaughter and I had fun, but there were a few times I maybe threaten to feed her to a bear if she didn't stop complaining about all the walking.

3. I sent my slumlord landlord a demanding letter asking for repairs, to which he then gave me a 30-Day notice, to which I sent him another letter. We're in a stand off now to see who's backing down first, and it won't be me. Sure, I could move, but then he wins and will never make the repairs and just keep taking tenets money.

4. I skipped almost all my workouts. This probably seems fine to some of you, but when I don't hit the gym enough, it seems I become a sad mess of a person.

5. I had a slug issue with my plants, and since salt kills slugs, I thought I could pour some salt on one of my begonias. It died.

Till next week....