Sunday, August 23, 2015

This week in things I did that I thought were a good idea but actually were not Week of August 17-August 23

I've been missing-in-action for a couple of weeks. I went on a short vacation, officiated my first wedding, and classes went back into session. I've felt like I've been playing catch up all week.

1. I opened my eyes while shampooing my hair. The bottle says not to do this, but I live my life on the edge.

2. I went to Target. Target is a money sucking hole most days.

3. I forgot to lock my screen door, which resulted in two of my dogs escaping and me chasing them all over the neighborhood. They also encouraged all the other dogs in our neighborhood to jump fences and it was mayhem.

4. I wore what I thought was a cute vintage dress out to a movie, to realize it's too big and not actually cute at all.

5. I ate an entire pan of brownies. The entire pan.

6. I laid down on my dog, Reese, and he bit me. Hard. On my funny bone.

Hopefully, this week will calm down and there will be time for blogging. Hopefully....