Monday, August 3, 2015

The Weekend Recap--With a Bonus Recipe

My weekend started off like most weekends do, after work on Friday, I headed out to the YMCA and worked out. I even did my arm work out, which I hate so it was an accomplishment. I also ran into the little girl I meet at the YMCA last and she and I are going to sign up for a great program the Y offers and may be able to play some basketball together if her mother approves. I hope so because there is something about this little girl that I just get.

After my workout, I raced home to shower and change so I could attend my friend Mary Kelly’s bachelorette party. I was, of course, an hour late because very thing I do takes an hour longer than I think it will. The party was at my friend Amanda’s house and her home was lovely and she has a kitchen you can turn all the way around it and had a dishwasher. I was jealous. My kitchen is so small you can’t have two people in it at once and no dishwasher. In fact, I’ve never had a dishwasher.

There was lots of drinking, laughing, and singing the rest of the night. Mary Kelly loves karaoke and she is so great at it. Mary had requested no penises at her party, so my friend Andrea made paper letters and hung up P-E-N-I-S all over the house. I also didn’t get that memo and gave Mary a penis shape rainbow lollipop that she refused to open or eat.  Next, weekend, I will have the pleasure of officiating at her wedding. It’s my first weeding and I am nervous, honored, and excited.

Because of all the fun I had on Friday, I was a little bit hung over on Saturday, so spent most of my day in bed watching Under the Dome. Why I watch that entire series, I have no idea, but it is for sure, one of the worst television shows I’ve ever watched. I mean those characters never have a good day. Not once. They don’t even have a half-ass decent day. My twin soul, Kate, also stopped by for chat and some coffee. I love her so much and because of our work and life schedules we don’t see each other enough.

After she left, I settled back into bed with a Spangles burger and milkshake to watch television and do nothing, when the phone ran, and I got the call I am sure most mother’s dread--

Sid was in a very bad car accident while delivering pizzas for work (it was his 2nd night back at work after being off on and off for a month because he had another bout of a “mono-like” virus). This is especially upsetting because Sid and I just scraped together money to buy him that car a month earlier, because he was in another fairly bad accident in June totaling a car we had just brought him a few months earlier. This is the third car that Sid has bought in a year (he had another car stolen in March and the thefts wrecked that car in the process of trying to escape the police).

When I got to the site of the accident it was much worse than I had imagined. And, the other driver was an old supervisor of mine from a for-profit college that I once worked at (worst job ever). So that was awkward. There was also a dead cat on the side of the road, which made it all the more worst and surreal because Sid was as upset about that cat as he was about his car.

Sometimes, life sends you a blow or two. In Sid’s case, and mine, the last year it has been blow after blow after blow: car issues and accidents, illness, deaths of close friends, never enough money…

But, as I tell Sid, we are strong and we just get up and keep going. We have no choice.

Sunday, Sid and I went and test drove a car that I decided to pass on, and went to the market for dinner stuff. We went to a different market than the one we usually go too and ran into so many faces we know. When we got home, Sid decided to go to the Kansas Humane Society to ‘look’ at animals. He loves animals so much and thought petting some puppies and kittens that weren’t ours would cheer him up.  He came home with a hamster! KHS even gave him a free cage and everything he would need to set up a nice new home for Sid’s new little friend Miso the Great.
It's hard to take pictures of hamster's while they are moving.

And since it was Sunday, my not children, Drew and Robyn, came over for Sunday dinner. This week’s menu was green chili enchiladas. I’m including my recipe for you here. It’s easy, quick and pretty darn good.

Green Chicken Enchiladas

Preheat oven to 350


1 16-ounce container of sour cream
½ chicken broth (or veggie. Whatever)
¾ a bunch of cilantro
1 small can of green chilies
2 cloves of garlic peeled
1 jar of your favorite green chili salsa

Wash cilantro and peel garlic. Throw all ingredients in blender and blend till smooth.
You could probably substitute Greek yogurt if you want. Or vegan sour cream. You can also add a jalapeno if you like it a bit hotter.


Two poached chicken breasts shredded (I use Martha’s Stewart’s method)
1 cups of corn
1 cup of cheese
¼ of a bunch of cilantro
¼ tablespoon of cumin
½ tablespoon of chili flakes
Salt and pepper to taste

Mixed these together in a bowl.

Pour some of the sauce in a 9x11 pan. Spoon 1/8th of your filling into your favorite tortilla (I warm my up over the stove for a moment so the bend and fold well), place them in pan, and seam side down. Cover with the rest of the sauce and cover with foil. Make sure to tent the foil so it doesn't stick to the enchiladas. After 20 minutes, check and see if sauce is bubbling. If not bake for a few more minutes. Once the sauce is bubbling, take off foil and top with one cup of cheese and bake till the cheese is melted and gooey.

If you’re vegetarian, I have made this recipe with a mix of different vegetables and it is just as good. If you’re vegan, I think you could just skip the cheese and use a sour cream replacement in the sauce.

I hope you’re having a Happy Monday! I’ll be car shopping and syllabus writing most of this week. Wish me luck. I probably need it right now.