Thursday, August 6, 2015

Some Times Life Sort of Sucks, but Not Really.

So, I know I mentioned that I’ve been having a hard year. In fact, it’s because of what a weird and hard year that I started this blog. Though, I’m still not sure where this blog is going or exactly what the purpose of this blog is yet.

This week was more of the same crap. I’ve been dealing with a slumlord for about a year and a half now. The roof started leaking last summer and so my landlord, Doug, after some convincing and prodding, finally had it replaced, but by the time he had the work done a lot of damage had been done to the ceilings and walls in our place. It started with the ceiling slowly falling down in my son’s room, which lead to mold growing between the walls and the 70 year old wall paper that had been painted over many many times. Doug finally agreed to have the Sid’s room repaired and repainted.

This week, the cleaning in the kitchen started to fall down. I emailed Doug to tell him that this was happening and he told me I had to move because he wasn’t going to put any more money into repairs in my apartment. At first I panicked. I can’t afford to move right now. As an adjunct, I am only paid 10 times a year and of course this is all happening in one of the months I’m not paid. After some research, I found out my landlord can’t just tell me to move.

Then yesterday, we found out there’s a delay with Sid’s finical aid for this semester and we’ll have to pay his school costs out of pocket and wait for it all to be settled. Sid also still needs a new car and is still sick. It’s a lot to handle and figure out right now. I feel at least four new gray hairs forming as I type this.

The point of all this, is that even when life is throwing me blows and trying to knock me down, I still have some happy moments everyday. I try to remember this when I’m feeling hopeless and defeated. Just because something stressful is happening around me, I can still have a happy moment or two everyday. Sometimes that happy money is just looking into Sid’s room and seeing him sleeping in a nice bed with clean sheets, sometimes that moment is clearing my desk from work at the end of the day, sometimes it’s sending a tweet to someone and sharing a silly joke. sometimes it’s watching my dogs eat ice cream.

and so does 

Whatever it is, I know that everyday there will be at least one happy moment and they will outweigh whatever mess I’m in the middle of cleaning up or solving at that time. And, that’s what matters, right?