Sunday, July 26, 2015

This week in things I did that I thought were a good idea but actually were not Week of July 19-July 25, 2015

  1. I kept up an email conversation with an past lover much longer than I should have. (Post about that coming soon. By soon, I mean maybe next week or maybe sometime in the next 6 months).
  2. I went outside during the day more than once. 
  3. I ran my clothes dryer when my air condtioning was out for four days.
  4. I sat in the sauna by accident for forty minutes, because I was reading a New Yorker article about earthquakes and not paying attention.
  5. I left my phone changer at my most recent ex’s house.
  6. I didn't check the money orders I purchased before leaving the market, and sent the power company $58 more dollars than I actually owned.
  7. I let my Goddaughter, Charlotte, talk me into a thrift store-shopping trip and convinced myself I could wear a size 6 and bought the cutest pants that don’t actually fit me.
  8. I then lost the receipt and tags for said pants so I cannot exchange them.
  9. I decided I should start using the weight machines in my lower body workout again (My knees  and hips are so mad).
  10. I went to Target unsupervised to buy flea treatment for my godchildren’s pets, and also bought a brand new workout outfit that I didn’t need.
  11. While at Target, I also bought a new self-tanner and now have slightly orange arms and legs.
  12.  I started watching “Under The Dome” which may be one of the worst shows ever made, yet, I can't stop watching it. 
  13. I read this article in the New Yorker and now I am scared to ever go to the Pacific Northwest.