Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Weekend Recap—Extend and Now with Photos

 I had a super busy week last week. Summer classes ended on Thursday for me, and every evening I had something going on, so I planned on having a low key weekend that included cleaning the house and reading. I was/am really behind on the household chores since we were without air conditioning for four days last week, and it’s been so hot in Wichita that I could not move after work most days, and Sid has been very sick for about three weeks and hasn't been doing his chores either.

My weekend started out with finding out that Sid doesn't not have mono, which for some would probably have been a relief, but since Sid is still so sick, it wasn’t. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that he will start getting better, and I think he is? I mean, he’s sleeping like 14 hours now instead of 18. That’s some improvement, right?

(Sid being overjoyed that he does not have mono) 

Friday night, I went to gym and spent four hours there just goofing around after I worked out. I sat in the hot tub and read the New Yorker. I sat in the sauna and read the New Yorker with bright blue Dead Sea mud mask smeared all over my face. It was pretty awesome. But, as I was leaving the gym, the sassiest, grumpiest 10 year old girl stopped me and asked me for some pay phone change on my way out (DO THOSE EVEN EXSIST ANYMORE???), because her mother hadn’t picked her up yet and the gym was closing. She and I had a nice chat and chewed some gym together while we talked about parents and life and being girls in glasses. I left her in the care of the YMCA staff and hoped her mother would come soon. I was so upset that her mother just left her there and also felt really guilty because I am always late. Last week was especially bad. I was an hour late to dinner with my most recent ex last Tuesday and he was kind enough to still cook for me. I try to be on time, but I don’t plan well enough and everything I do takes 30 minutes longer than I plan usually.

Saturday, I tried to sleep in since I had stayed late watching the worst show on television I’ve ever seen Under the Dome, but was woken up by a knock at the front door by some missionaries. It was 10AM on Saturday! I was in the middle of the strangest dream I've had in months and months, I was pregnant and getting ready to give birth (I am not having a baby so no one get excited), when “Knock. Knock." As soon as I opened the door and this woman said, "Would you like to hear about the Good Word," I just slammed the door. No, Lady, I wanna sleep. I'm exhausted. I should have known better. My family and friends come to the side door and just let themselves in. Now, I'll never know if I had a boy or a girl or or a litter of baby otters or if I married the man who’s face I never saw. I had a wedding dress and everything.

I spent Saturday finishing up an email conversation that went on too long and never resolved anything. I was so sad at the end of that conversation; I went to the market and bought myself some beautiful pink and fuchsia star lilies and some nail polish. And those lilies have finally helped me pin down my next tattoo.

Saturday night, I joined my dearest friend, Dave Quick, and his pal Alex, for a trip to the Lake Afton Public Observatory. We wanted to go before it the oberstory closes on August 22 (if you’re in Kansas try and go before the doors close for good). Alex and Dave were sweet enough to laugh at my bad jokes and follow along with my stories as best they could. We all were able to see the moon and Saturn, which looked so small in the lens of the telescope. And, because they are both photographers there were many pictures taken. 
(Alex and I pointing up at the moon as we waited for the Observatory to open. Photos by Dave Quick)

Dave took some great ones of me and I wish he would just come over everyday and take pictures of me. Dave and I have been friends for 15 years, and he is sort of our family photographer during the holidays and he takes pictures anytime he is out and about. It is one of the many things I adore about my dear friend.

(I'm wearing a thrifted silk Express skirt here that I paid $2.98 for and feels like being wrapped in Heaven. Photo by Dave Quick). 

We, Dave, Alex and I, ended our adventure with milkshakes from Sonic and more laughs. 

Sunday was all about the gym, grading papers, posting grades, finally cleaning the house, and Sunday dinner with my kid and my not-children, Drew and Robyn. Because Sundays are best spent with three 20 something’s laughing at their adventures and cooking and drinking some wine.

 (Here's Sid awake and sitting up for the first time in days and days and days.)

(My not-children, Robyn and Drew, and my one of my dogs The General Henry Reese) 

My weekend was sort or extended one day. While I worked yesterday, my most recent ex booked us a hotel room (He had won an overnight stay at a Holiday Inn out west with an indoor pool and hot tub during a poker tournament. He plays a lot of poker. He generally wins something) to celebrate 6 months of being broken up and not driving each other crazy. I meet him out there, by there I mean way west scenic Wichita, an hour and half later than I have, because again, I am always late. We lounged around in the free air-conditioning turning it way down because after all it was free and flipped through the channels on cable. Because one of the perks for me in a hotel is there’s cable since I don’t have cable.  I also tried to take a selfie in the long wide mirror so I could instrgram my cute outfit. Selfies are hard. See.  No good at those mirror selfies. How do y’all fashion bloggers do those so well? What’s the secret?

(See not very good, but don't you love these pants? They were $.49.) 

We went to Ablueos for dinner. As soon as we walked in, every employee under 18 was asking us all about our tattoos. Which is fine, but after the fourth kid stopped by the table it was a little annoying.  Paul and I usually share meals so we can try every thing, because our odd not-dating anymore but still sort of act like it dining habits, we like to have two separate plates so we can put the entree items in the middle of the table. But, the waiter didn’t bring us two plates (he also didn’t bring me water without ice and with lemon like I asked) so I started to get just a tad bit grumpy. But, I’m sorry, if I’m paying $70 for a meal for two, I’d like some basic easy requests taken care of without having to ask 100 times. Paul tipped the kid 25% because I was sort of being ‘bitchy’. Paul also works in the service industry and is kind and generous most days.

After we came back to the hotel, we swam some (Well, Paul swam. The water was too cold for me to stay in for long. What's up with that? I thought indoor pools were supposed to be warm?) and sat in the hot tub and had a couple cocktails and watched Pulp Fiction. It was a nice and needed break from life and ended all too soon (even though I slept in my contacts since somehow I forgot to bring solution, even though usually I over pack even for short overnight trips, I feel well-rested and recharged) even though we joked about staying one more day.

I have another busy week ahead of me, dinner with friends, movies to see, a bachelorette party to attend, the lyrics to this song to memorize for karaoke at said bachelorette party,

And, I am finally going to pick out and commit to paint colors for my kitchen and hallway. Wish me luck!

I hope you’re having a good week too!