Sunday, July 5, 2015

Saturday Recap

Yesterday, while most people were celebrating their freedom in the US, I repotted some begonias and I rearranged my bedroom (which is actually in what should be the front room on my duplex) and my office because I was recently gifted an elliptical machine and it was either rearrange my room or figure out how to move it to the basement, and I know if it’s in the basement, I will never use. I also have a couple of houseguests coming tomorrow for the night from Nashville so it seemed like also a good day to go to the market, take all the curtains down and wash them, and give the pack of dogs a bath (though I didn’t get to that chore).

I also binge watched the latest season of Shameless, because listening to British accents while deep cleaning a floor is somehow strangely comforting to me.  This is also how I will spend most of my Sunday--cleaning and organizing my house. I actually like cleaning now that I am older. Which is odd, since I hated cleaning as a child.

After, I found a stopping place; I colored my hair to hide those grays that my sweetest only child is causing more of everyday. I hear this is a common problem of mothers of children.

And then I headed down to my favorite dive bar, Kirby’s Beer Store, to see some friends play and to celebrate birthdays of two of my dearest.

While, driving there, I saw many illegal fireworks, shooting high in the sky and sang songs that I won’t admit publicly that I know the words too.

The bar was full of old friends. I missed the first band, but caught Deathblack Flowers. After their set, I went outside to talk to two of my friends, but was caught on the way to their table by a man I didn’t know who was trying to spark my interest in him by showing me videos of his homemade fireworks.  When he asked if I wanted to see it I replied that fireworks are bad for the environment and overrated and they scare my dog. I’m not a fan. He showed me the video anyway, and I felt trapped to watch it all.

I finally slipped away to find my friends, and was glad he didn’t ask for my phone number after his amazing show of masucailty, to find them being chatted up by a much a younger man.  I sat down and he did the polite thing by asking my name and then not pronouncing it correctly over and over again. It was bad. He then asked me what I was ‘into, which felt like my answer would either allow me to keep his attention or divert it away. He also really liked my bangs and thought I was 27. It was all so very annoying and laughable. But, the best part was once he figured out I, and my two friends, were older than he thought (thank goodness for the dark and bad lighting) he told us we should all get into youth culture and Hip Hop. Because those of us over a certain age now know nothing about what is cool anymore, and of course, that also means knowing nothing about Hip Hop.  Hip Hop being the music I grew up on. The music I play to awaken my sleeping beast of a child on Sundays mornings. I walked away shaking my head and asking myself if at 21 did I actually fall for that sort of bullshit? Remembering that yes, once I did, and thankfully I did not anymore.

When I went back inside, my friend Les’ band, World Palestine was setting up and who do I see is in the band now--Davy. Davy and my son were close friends in elementary school before they both changed schools. Davy--this sweet kid who I have watched grow up to be quite an accomplished musician, but for the first time ever, I felt too old to be in my favorite bar. My own son will be 21 soon. Is it time to give up the town and the music to him? Probably.  This is also one of the reasons I want to relocate. Wichita is a huge town without enough space. I also know quite a lot of people, and my son is often overwhelmed and doesn’t feel like he can escape my reputation and create his own identity. I can thank his therapist for that insight. As if parenting wasn't hard enough....

The night ended with me becoming an ordained minister for the Universal Life Church. I was chatting with my friend Eric about his upcoming wedding to my dear friend Mary, and he joked that the wedding was private but if I wanted to marry them I could attend. So, I pulled out my phone and within five minutes, I was ordained.  Now I can marry people legally. I'm offering a special to celebrate my ordination. First 100 weddings free. But, if you live outside of Wichita, you may have to pay for me to fly there. 

Afterwards, I came home and ate cheese and crackers and ice cream in bed with my dogs.

It really isn't as sad as it sounds. The dogs don't care for ice cream so I got to eat it all by myself.