Thursday, July 30, 2015

My Very Noisy and Loud Gym Playlist

I don't really have any hobbies other than reading The New Yorker, but I do work-out a lot, which I look at not as a hobby but as something that must be done. Going to the gym also makes me leave my house every day or two. Since I work from home, most days, if I didn't go to the gym, there would be days where I would not leave my house at all. Usually, while running, biking, or using the elliptical I watch television, because I go to one of those fancy gyms that has a televisions attached to every machine. And, usually I am watching "My 600 Pound Life" or some damn wedding dress show (because obviously, I like to touture myself). But, once I'm done with the part aerobic part of my work out, I usually head to the weight area and work on my arms, core, or legs. I need music to help me through that part of my workout, because I don't care much for weight lifting or nearly dying while really strong men are lifting 500 pounds over their heads. Okay, I know I will probably not die over in the weight lifting area, but I live in fear that someone is going to drop something and I will be there when they do...

This is my current gym play list--

Television Marquee Moon

I love this song because it 10 minutes long, and 10 minutes is about how long it takes me to row a mile. 

Ad Astra Per Aspera Voodoo Economics

This is a great band out of Lawrence, KS. Always gets me going and lifting those weights on arm day and I hate, I mean really hate, arm day so much.

Wire "Heartbeat"

Another great song for lifting those damn weights. 

The Panoply Academy "Nom De Plume"

The Velvet Underground "I'm Waiting for the Man"

Sonic Youth "I Wanna Be Your Dog"

Joy Division "She's Lost Control"

Joy Division understands how I feel about working out. 

Chromeo "Night By Night"

My go-to core workout song and sometimes I also can't help but also dance a little bit after I'm done with my core work out.

This playlist is always changing, but these 8 songs have been in heavy rotation for a few weeks now. 

I hope you're having a great Thursday.