Thursday, May 21, 2015

Introductions and Whatnot

I’m at what may be the beginning or the end of a mid-life crisis—

If it’s the end then it started right before I turned 39 and was teaching full-time at a for-profit college, flying back and forth to Nashville, and generally unhappy with my life even though I supposedly had ‘made’ it. My first chap book had been released and I won a regional award for that collection. But, then I was dismissed from my teaching job, lost the will to write poetry, and released that maybe ‘He” wasn’t in love with me.

If, I’m at the beginning, it is because my dear friend just passed away at 37 and was beautiful and smart and never had the life she wanted or deserved. And, her death has made me think more about what I want to be said about me in my eulogy. Where do I want to go? And why? And how?

I think that I am mostly likely in the middle of this crisis and hopefully with some writing (because I did go to a fancy school and I have an MFA, I should probably use those skills) and some thought, I can figure all this out.

I’m not writing this blog for anyone but me, but if what I’m working through is similar to what someone else, because I can’t be the only one that feels this way, is going through and helps them that’s great. I’m not writing this blog so I can get some fancy book deal (but I would by no means turn a book deal down), I’m writing this blog, because when nothing else works for me, then I find myself always going back to words, on paper, for clarity.

I don’t know what I will cover in this blog, or what exactly the focus will be yet. I t may end up being a lot of rambling posts and pictures of what I am wearing that day. 

I do know what it will not cover. Crafts or DIY projects. I am not crafty at all, and I am 100% okay with it.

I once had a fashion blog, so sometimes, I may cover fashion--in like what I am wearing--but doubtful. 

I may write about poetry and the ongoing never-ending struggle with getting words on the page. 

If I ever date again, I may write about dating. But, don't we all already know what that's like for 40 something women? 

But, mainly, I plan on just writing about daily life. And, this blog is a work in progress and probably under construction...

Happy Thursday!